Mac OSX Hardware Acceleration Support with DisplayLink displays

Some applications do not work or render correctly on DisplayLink displays, or when DisplayLink displays are active.

This can affect applications that use Open GL acceleration and do not fall back to software rendering for DisplayLink displays.

Some known application issues include:

  • Flash Video
    • Flash (eg youtube video) plays slowly on DisplayLink displays. This is an issue with flash in Safari on DisplayLink screens and can be worked around by using different browser, eg Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Finder
    • Cover flow in Mac OS X 10.8 could flicker on a DisplayLink display, when scrolling through thumbnails
  • DVD Player
    • DVD Player will move back to the native display, if you try to move it to a DisplayLink display
  • MPlayerX
    • MPlayerX either shows frozen video or is blank when moved to a DisplayLink screen.
  • Front Row on 10.6.X
    • DVDs will not be played on a DisplayLink display when mirroring
  • Google Earth
    • In Mac OS X10.7, images in tour guide panel may flicker during thumbnail update
  • iPhoto
    • The DisplayLink display is blank when playing a photo slideshow
    • Enlarging a photo results in a grey background and no photo rendering.
  • Keynote
    • Embedded QuickTime movies will not be displayed on a DisplayLink display
    • This application will not run if a DisplayLink display is set to be the main display
  • Screen Savers
    • OpenGL screen savers will not be shown on a DisplayLink display
    • Mosaic Screen savers will not be shown on a DisplayLink display
  • PhotoBooth
    • This application may show corruption if a DisplayLink display is set to be the main display
  • Aperture
    • This application crashes when opening large images on a DisplayLink display
  • Skype
    • This application's window can not be resized, or set as full screen when ran on an extended DisplayLink display
    • The video streaming (both local and remote) is not rendered on an extended DisplayLink display, when on video call
  • Quartz Composer Visualizer
    • On 10.6.8 it shows an error (unsupported configuration) and doesn't start if DisplayLink screen is main display.
  • Launchpad
    • It may hang or run very slow when running on a DisplayLink screen, set as main display
  • VMWare Fusion
    • The application may crash if a DisplayLink screen is set as main display.

Some problems can be avoided by ensuring that a DisplayLink display is not set to be the main display (i.e the display with the menu bar).

If an application refuses to launch when a DisplayLink display is present, try to disconnect all DisplayLink displays, then try to relaunch the application. Then connect the DisplayLink displays.

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