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DisplayLink Manager App - Experimental HiDPI modes

DisplayLink Manager 1.8 introduces a new option to enable experimental support for 3008x1692 and 2560x1440 HiDPI modes on Apple Silicon machines.

To try it out simply tick "Enable experimental 3008x and 2560x modes":

DisplayLink Manager will have to be restarted for this change to take effect:

After you click Restart button the application will restart itself and experimental modes will be enabled:

With this feature enabled you should now be able to select 3008x1692 and 2560x1440 HiDPI modes in Displays Preferences:

Limitations of this feature

This feature is available only on Apple Silicon machines. To use new modes a display capable of displaying 3008x1692 or 2560x1440 resolution is required.

Enabling this feature will cause other resolutions to disappear, even the native ones like 4K resolution on a 4K display.

A good example of this behaviour can be seen on below screenshot, where 3008x1692 and 2560x1440 HiDPI resolutions appear on the list, but 3840x2160 is not available:

If you want to use previously available resolutions then just untick "Enable experimental 3008x and 2560x modes". You will be prompted again about application restart:

After the restart the experimental feature will be disabled:

And regular modes will be available again.

How to share feedback

We are eager to hear your feedback about this feature. If you would like to share your thoughts and opinions with us, please go to the Feedback tab and click "Take the survey" button:

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