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How to deploy DisplayLink macOS software within a corporation

For a managed installation or upgrade it is recommended to use the package in the installer image. This is a metapackage that contains several sub-packages that install different components depending on the specific system and operating system. DisplayLink's bundle ID is com.displaylink.driver.DisplayLinkDriver and Team ID is 73YQY62QM3

To uninstall the driver, it’s possible to use the uninstall script contained in the uninstaller application. It’s best to always use the uninstaller application included in the latest version of the installer image. The script can be found inside the DisplayLink Software package in Contents/Resources/dluninstall. It has to be run with administrative privileges.

It is possible to avoid the reboot between uninstallation and install, provided the system is rebooted immediately after the installation of the updated software. This is similar to what happens during a standard upgrade.

From El Capitan onwards the built-in OS X Ethernet driver is used so it’s possible to uninstall the DisplayLink drivers without disabling the Ethernet port on the device.

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