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Which DisplayLink products support UHD (4K) modes?


At CES 2016 DisplayLink announced a chip series called the DL-6xxx, which supports 4K modes, through DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0. 4K resolutions are supported up to 60Hz. As of November 2016, this is now available in end user devices.


Previous DisplayLink 4K products were based on a chip series called the DL-5xxx which support UHD (4K) modes. Modes above 2560x1600 are supported through DisplayPort only, however there are some UHD HDMI products on the market, see below. The maximum resolution supported is 3840x2160 @ 30Hz. See more information on the maximum resolutions supported through DisplayLink video outputs.

Passive DP++ to HDMI/DVI adapters will have a maximum resolution of 2048x1152 on HDMI or DVI. UHD on HDMI is possible using an active DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 adapter.

UHD modes are support on Windows 7 and later. Windows XP and Vista will limit the DL-5000 output to 2560x1600. Mac OS X support for UHD is available from v2.3 Mac OS X software.

Your current computer does not need to support UHD to be able to use a DL-5000 product to enable UHD. As long as it meets the recommended system specs for UHD, it will support a UHD display.See the DisplayLink shop for products based on the DL-5000 family.


Some manufacturers have created UHD HDMI products using the DL- 5000, which converts DisplayLink's DisplayPort output to UHD HDMI internally. Unless specifically stated on the product, do not assume that the HDMI output will support UHD resolutions.

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