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How to install DisplayLink software on Ubuntu 20.04

The new DisplayLink driver for Ubuntu features an improved installer, that aims to perform the installation process in a single step if possible.

The installer should be started with administrative privileges:

sudo ./

The installer is going to check for dependencies automatically, and execute apt package manager when needed.

Depending, if apt update has already been called, it might ask to update the package list first:

or proceed directly to package installation. Permission should be granted by just hitting ENTER.

The messaging may vary depending on the packages already installed in the system. Either way, ENTER should be pressed to proceed.
The packages required by the driver are dkms and libdrm-dev.
The first one is needed to enable loading of EVDI module.
The latter is required due to libevdi being shipped as source code and build during the installation.


Should the permission to install the packages not be granted, the installation process stops.
In such case, either please restart it and allow to install the missing packages, or install them manually by executing the following commands (and agreeing to install the suggested packages):
sudo apt update
sudo apt install dkms
sudo apt install libdrm-dev


If Xorg session is active please disconnect the docking station before starting the installer, otherwise it would halt and display the following warning:

Moreover, due to sometimes troublesome behaviour of Xserver, rebootless installtion is impossible with Xorg session being active. The appropriate message is going to be displayed at the end of installation process:
Agreeing to reboot (by pressing ENTER) is recommended. 
It is highly discouraged to connect the docking station in a running Xorg session directly after installation, without rebooting, due to possible crashes/freezes of the Xserver.

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