DisplayLink display resolution support

When a monitor is connected to a DisplayLink device, the DisplayLink host software reads the supported modes from the display. Only resolutions reported by the monitor will be offered through the DisplayLink user interface or Windows Display Properties.

The DisplayLink software will use the monitor preferred mode by default.

If the monitor does not report any supported modes, DisplayLink will offer a default list of modes.

Note: not all supported monitor modes may be offered if they are not supported by your DisplayLink device. The table below documents the maximum supported resolution of DisplayLink ICs on various interfaces.
DL-125Not supportedNot supported1600x900 or 1400x10501600x900 or 1400x1050
DL-165Not supportedNot supported1920x1080 or 1600x12001920x1080 or 1600x1200
DL-195Not supportedNot supported2048x11521920x1080
DL-3100Not supportedNot supported2048x11521920x1080  
DL-35002560x16002048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080
DL-37002560x16002048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080  
DL-39002560x16002048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080  
DL-39502560x16002048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080  
DL-55003840x2160p302048x1152 (using DP++ adapter)2048x1152 (using DP++ adapter) 1920x1080 (using DP++ adapter)
DL-57003840x2160p302048x1152 (using DP++ adapter)2048x1152 (using DP++ adapter) 1920x1080 (using DP++ adapter)
DL-59003840x2160p302048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080  
DL-59103840x2160p302048x1152 or 2560x1440p502048x11521920x1080  
(Cinema 4K)
(5K UItrawide) 
4096x2160p60 (Cinema 4K)2048x11521920x1080  

Points to note:

  • The available resolutions through the OS display configuration will be restricted to those supported by the display. If the display does not report the maximum resolution as supported, it will not be available to the user to select.
  • If connecting multiple displays to multiple video outputs, where only one output can be active at a time, the active display will be enabled using the following priority order: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA.
  • If using the DL-6950, the maximum resolution will be 3840x2160 (UHD) if both video outputs are being used.
  • If using the DL-3900 or DL-5900, which supports dual outputs, resolutions above 2048x1152 will be unavailable if a second display is connected. If wanting to use the DL-3900 with resolutions above 2048x1152, disconnect the second display.
  • Monitors which have DisplayPort Multi-stream Transport (MST) should have this feature disabled when used as MST is not currently supported.
  • Dual link DVI is not supported by any of DisplayLink ICs.

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