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DisplayLink support for Ubuntu now available

We're pleased to announce the first version of DisplayLink support for Ubuntu is now available. It can be downloaded from here:

Download Ubuntu Driver

Releases are available for Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS onwards. Please see "How to install DisplayLink Software - Ubuntu for information on how to install on Ubuntu. 

DisplayLink driver enables video support for products using DisplayLink USB 3.0 technology. Standard inbox Ubuntu drivers provide support for DisplayLink audio and Ethernet interfaces.

Supported Features & Hardware

DisplayLink driver will support up to 2 displays connected to DisplayLink devices on Ubuntu LTS versions.
More than 2 DisplayLink displays and non-LTS Ubuntu may work, but not supported or tested by DisplayLink. Resolutions up to 4K are supported on the appropriate DisplayLink hardware.

Device families supported are:

  • DL-6xxx
  • DL-5xxx
  • DL-41xx
  • DL-3xxx

Support for DL-1x5 and DL-1x0 devices is provided by the open source udl driver.

Limitations & Known issues

A list of limitations and known issues/limitations can be found in this article.

Reporting issues

If you find issues with the driver, or find solutions to issues, please report them through the DisplayLink forum, where they can be shared with other users and seen by the DisplayLink developers.

3rd Party Linux distros

Below are links to ports of the DisplayLink Ubuntu driver for other Linux distros. Note that these are linked to for reference and not directly supported by DisplayLink

Fedora RPM

If you have a port of the driver for another distro, let us know and we'll add a link here.

What about support for other Linux distros?

DisplayLink has not created drivers for other packages, however the Ubuntu driver contains an open source component which is designed to be modified to enable the Ubuntu driver to be repackaged for any other Linux distro by the user community. Details on how the Ubuntu driver package can be unpacked and modified for other distros is covered in this article.

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