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Known issues and limitations with DisplayLink for Android

I cannot find the app on the Play Store

The DisplayLink app is only available to Android devices running v5.0 or later. The APIs required by DisplayLink were added in Android v5.0, therefore it is not possible to use the app on earlier versions of Android.

Number of displays and resolution support

The app is currently limited to 1 DisplayLink display, operating at a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p). 

My DisplayLink dock does not charge my Android phone/tablet

Android phones and tablets which connect using mini USB do not enable charging when connected to USB On The Go cable. As a result, when connected to a DisplayLink dock over USB, the Android device disables charging. This applies to wireless charging too.

Android USB C devices can dock and charge at the same time, however some Android devices seem to disable USB host mode (so it can see USB devices) when being charged over USB. Further information in this article.

Cannot play video content on DisplayLink screen

As the DisplayLink is an app from the Play Store, Android prevents any protected content from video streaming services eg Netflix, Amazon etc, being available to the DisplayLink app. This is an Android restriction to make sure that protected content remains protected and is not available to other applications.

My USB Ethernet port does not work

Android OS does not currently recognize USB Ethernet devices. The current work around is to continue to use the Wifi on your Android device while docked.

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