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How can I report Windows issues to DisplayLink?

If you believe you have found an issue that is not covered by a knowledge base article, you can help DisplayLink find the problem by providing the right information.

DisplayLink provide a support tool that can check for common issues and gathers up system information, useful to DisplayLink in diagnosing problems. Before submitting a bug to DisplayLink, please follow the steps below to provide the right information.

The support tool produces a zip file containing information stored in plain text. The file and log text are not encrypted (apart from the DisplayLink software log files) to allow you to see what data has been collected.

  • Download the Windows DisplayLink support tool.
  • Run the tool on your PC as administrator after the problem has occurred
  • Ensure the DisplayLink adapter is connected to your PC.
  • Click on "System Compatibility Check" to see if there are any known compatibility issues with DisplayLink and your system.
  • If this does not resolve your issue, click on "Gather Support Information" to gather the system information DisplayLink requires
  • The zip file of information will be saved on your Windows desktop
  • The system information may take up to a few minutes to gather. You will be prompted once it is complete
  • Close the tool and send the zip file to DisplayLink support, along with a description of the issue.
The Windows DisplayLink Support Tool gathers the following system information
  • PC and OS Spec
  • Video adapters installed
  • DisplayLink service status
  • USB devices currently connected to the PC
  • Audio and Video Codecs installed
  • DisplayLink Software installed
  • DisplayLink devices connected to the PC and status
  • Debug information contained in C:\Program Files\DisplayLink Core Software\Debug, C:\Windows\Temp\DisplayLink, and C:\ProgramData\DisplayLink\Debug
  • DisplayLink registry settings stored under HKLM\Software\DisplayLink and HKCU\Software\DisplayLink
  • Computer network information include configured IP addresses and Mac addresses of network interfaces.
If the problem is repeatable, please enable "Advanced DisplayLink Logging", under the Advanced Options, and reproduce the bug. Then follow the steps above to send the information to DisplayLink. As gathering network statistic can take a long time, please only enable "netstat logging" if the issue you report is linked with network connectivity.
This will provide even more detailed information to DisplayLink support.
Note: remember to disable advanced logging afterwards, otherwise the DisplayLink software will continue to generate log files, filling the debug directory

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