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Installation switches for installing DisplayLink software on Windows

The following switches can be used with the DisplayLink setup.exe. These switches can be used in combination to enable more than one option at once:
  • -silent : Suppresses all progress dialogs and messages, apart from the SLA screen
  • -noreboot : Prevents rebooting/prompts for reboot at the end of install (use with –silent). Note, the PC may still require rebooting before the new installed software correctly operates.
  • -suppressUpToDateInfo : Prevents the "Software is up to date" message when setup.exe is run and the DL software is already installed
  • -ignoreCompatibility : Skips the installation compatibility check (from v7.5 software)
  • -stageDrivers: Does not install the DisplayLink software, but adds the driver to the Windows driver store, so the software is installed when a DisplayLink device is first seen
  • -uninstall : Removes the software (available from 8.0 M3 setup.exe). Can be combined with -silent for a silent removal from the command line.
For silent install, or corporate install, we recommend using the MSI files, available from our website.

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