Cannot change the brightness or use color correction on a DisplayLink display

This article covers the current support for color calibration, correction, and adjusting the display brightness from apps on the computer. The support can differ between OSes and DisplayLink ICs.

The DL-4000 series ICs support color correction, as this is designed as a monitor IC. On Windows 7, a GUI is available through DisplayLink software to control the color correction on DL-4xxx products. It is not possible to change the brightness or color from other OSes.

All other DisplayLink IC series do not support color correction today. This means colour correction applications, eg flux will not work with DisplayLink displays.

The DL-1x5 series supports DDC/CI, which passes brightness, contrast, color correction etc messages through to the monitor over the i2c bus, present on VGA and DVI interfaces. This enables applications that use the OS DDC/CI API to pass display configuration messages to the monitor.

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