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      Update: November 5th
      Dear DisplayLink macOS users,

      DisplayLink has worked for many months to maintain support for its users during the transition from macOS High Sierra to Mojave. While functionality such as Ethernet and audio or charging, where implemented, is unaffected on all releases, display connectivity has been limited on macOS releases 10.13.4, 10.13.5 and 10.13.6.

      macOS 10.14 Mojave with DisplayLink driver v5.0.1 allows you to run up to 4 extended displays with now optional clamshell and mirror modes. Support for rotated displays is also improved.
      DisplayLink driver v5.0.1 is applicable to macOS 10.14 only.
      Driver v5.0.1:

      Should you experience black extended display(s) with only mouse cursor on 10.14. We recommend you use macOS 10.14.2 Beta 1 or newer. We have also left DisplayLink driver v4.3 Beta available to force an AirPlay extended display on these machines if you cannot update to 10.14.2 Beta 1 with DisplayLink driver 5.0.1.…

      banoney commented  · 

      Hi all! I used to check this forum everday... stopped checking with Mojave out. My company finally released it to the general pop and worked great at first. But since I haven't been here awhile, I assume this may have already been asked?

      But is anyone else having issues unlocking their Mac with their Apple Watch? I get the error "can't use apple watch to sign in because you are screen sharing". I unplugged my thinkpad usb3 dock and apple watch worked fine. plugged it back in and got the same error. Is this a known issue? (anything I search on DisplayLink seems to refer to older Mac OS's which for me worked fine before High Sierra but now it's an issue with Mojave).


      banoney commented  · 

      i've come to this webpage everyday for months waiting for a fix. it's actually my browser homepage when i boot up. sad really.

      banoney commented  · 

      it's sad i come to this website everyday looking for a perm solution or some relevant new info. it's a sad daily routine.

      banoney commented  · 

      I don't know if I'm missing something ... but have the last two updates been exactly the same wording? what's changed? the FAQ? it'd be nice to know when you intend to send the same message as the last what about this new message is DIFFERENT.

      banoney commented  · 

      i'm able to create a less-than-ideal but working setup with beta 4. two external monitors + laptop screen on my macbook air (one displayport + hdmi via usb3 hub). i wish i could rotate... but what's really annoying right now is everytime i unplug and plug back in - the external monitor via usb takes forever sometimes to turn back on and 3 out of 4 times the background goes back to the default high sierra and my other screens seem to play musical chairs on which background it wants to be of my original settings. i know that's super minor in the grand scheme of things but makes me wonder what's happening behind the scenes with my computer and these display settings with this driver?

      banoney commented  · 

      this update helped me get two external monitors + laptop screen back up for my macbook air. one via displaylink hub and one via displayport. last beta after a few minutes the usb screen would freak out and clone the primary (whether it be the laptop or displayport). so working now.

      i still can't rotate any displays using the hub. it gives me the option on displayport but it's basically a very shrunken version of a regular widescreen display in the middle of a rotated monitor. my guess is because i have "airplay" on that it won't let me rotate anything.

      oh well... getting closer to normal productivity i guess.

      banoney commented  · 

      i have a macbook air 2017 and my setup was laptop + two monitors (one rotated)

      airplay works for one monitor but so does just using a displayport cable. tried to do one hdmi monitor via displaylink hub (thinkpad usb3 hub) and displayport. works for about 60 seconds but then one monitor goes into mirror mode. and rotating doesn't work at all in any configuration.

      overall - nice attempt but 3 monitors in any sneaky way seems to be a no. and anything with airplay seems to make rotating a no as well. too bad. just have to wait more... and more...

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