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    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    Hey @Alban could you keep update us at least once a week?

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    @Alban Rampon hello, any update about this problem? ETA? i'm waiting your feedback to upgrade v1903. Thanks.

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    How many days take to validate OS fix?

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    So you have reopened this issue, what do you suppose about problem solving? When will be relased the stable OS? Didn't fix the problem in Windows 10 19H1? I was planning to install Tech preview version but i'm not sure at the moment. Thanks.

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    @alban past over 2 years and still has been not resolved this problem, what kind a company is this? are you working really? or do you scam people? windows allowing to select post graphic driver in these days, always you mention windows to solve problem, what did you do to solve this problem? I hata DisplayLink because of this unresponsible status.

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    @Alban could you show me a way? there ara lots of people having this issue, please make a deal with Microsoft for us.

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    No i don't agree your opinion, if you provide a device i have to choise which graphic card will be use.
    I can select graphic card at Windows 10 by nVidia settings screen, and assign graphic card to
    aplication what i want.

    But when i connect D3100 it is ignoring graphic cards Driver and only shows DisplayLink driver!

    You mean windows only provide display signals at usb over first graphic card?

    You have to give us opinion to select graphic card for D3100!

    Elrond Luinwe commented  · 

    Hello, I've Dell 7559 Gaming Laptop and it has 2 graphic cards

    Intel HD Graphics 530 and GeForce 960M.

    When i connect my D3100 DELL USB Dock to my computer , dock is using only
    HD Graphics 530 and i get 30fps maximum on each screen.

    But normally i can get 120fps - 240fps via GeForce 960M

    Why displaylink just agree intel graphics? then my screens are useless,

    So i have to connect one of screen's HDMI port to my notebook's HDMI port to get High FPS
    because notebook HDMI output can use GeForce960m

    Other screen plugged in Dell D3100 via HDMI port,

    So my Dell D3100 dock's 2 screen port is empty (one hdmi , one display port)

    How can you fix this problem?

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