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    MattastiQ commented  · 

    The driver doesn’t work in clamshell mode for older Intel Macs NORMALLY, as Alban stated, but it DOES work when you have Amphetamine installed! Forgive me for my long winded comment, but I have a suggestion based on my end-user experience:

    Basically, MacOS has a set of simple “Clamshell Rules” for when/IF clamshell mode works. Mac doesn't send a continuous signal to the USB port when the lid is closed UNLESS there is a Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt (MBP/TB) device connected and you’re connected to power. The rules do NOT include USB 3.0 connected displays on older Intel Macs, only newer devices with USB-C (which is *technically* playing by the original rules anyway because USB-C for Mac is actually TB, and it also carries power). The DisplayLink driver just doesn’t meet the simple requirements of MacOS’s code because of that final 3rd rule- Lid closed, be plugged in, BE CONNECTED TO MDP/TB. Because there isn’t a MDP/TB device connected, the HDMI-USB signal drops and the screen goes black. It’s not that the video signal has dropped. It’s that your Mac is basically prepping to sleep! The normal human reaction when a computer screen goes black is to wiggle the mouse. So basically your MacBook wakes back up because of mouse movement, and then cycle starts all over again: Mac sends a signal to the monitor for about 30 seconds because it recognizes a display device, but then it starts checking the “Clamshell Rules”, screen goes black, your Mac starts the sleep process, you wiggle the mouse. Repeat. Repeat, Repeat. Essentially the DisplayLink drivers fail because it’s trying to get your device to act one way, but the normal behavior of MacOS ends up winning in the end because of how simple the rules are.

    The reason Amphetamine makes DisplayLink work because their app has a setting that is basically circumventing the rules- When the lid is closed, please don’t go to sleep, but please shut off the BUILT IN display- other displays are totally cool to show. What ends up happening is your MacBook acts more like a Mac desktop connected to a traditional monitor where the power button was switched off. The lid is closed, but the USB ports still receive their signal because MacOS didn’t go to sleep. Perhaps you guys can do some digging into how this works overall and implement it into your next update?

    FYI, I’m on a 2017 MacBook Air I5 A1466.

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