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Stop Recommending to disable Windows Update

Do not recommend installing the msi version of DisplayLink Drivers and then disabling Windows Update. I don't think a vendor should be recommending to customers to turn off Windows Update. DisplayLink should work out a way of getting the 2 working together. Happy to discuss further.

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  • AdminAlban Rampon (Product Manager, USB Docking and Graphics Adapters, DisplayLink) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Tony, on Windows 10, critical or dynamic updates can only be postponed, on the RS2+ Pro SKU. If you could create a support ticket as to why you wish to disable critical updates, and ask it to be assigned to Alban, I can look into it. Reasons for updates depend on the device manufacturer (DisplayLink does not design, manufacture, or sell any end product) but they are usually coming because:
    - Manufacturer has identified a fix DisplayLink did that they want all their customers to benefit from (usual case)
    - DisplayLink (through testing) or Microsoft (through telemetry) has identified reliability issues and DisplayLink fixed them (for manufacturer who didn't ask for control)
    - DisplayLink has fixed a security item we believe must be pushed to everyone (DisplayLink may wish to override the manufacturer wish after giving them ample notification).
    - DisplayLink has brought significant improvements in performance or CPU usage (for manufacturer who didn't ask for control).

    Unfortunately today, Windows 10 does not offer just a "recommended" update which was in the middle of Optional and Important for Windows 7 to push improvements to the general consumer but leave IT managers control. I'm in discussion with Microsoft to offer a similar level of control with Recommended. There will still be Critical and Dynamic Updates each time an important item is discovered.

    Just to clarify to any new reader, especially security-conscious ones, all updates are done by Windows Update. DisplayLink driver CANNOT contact any DisplayLink server and does not itself has the ability to auto-update: this is an OS feature.

    Kind regards,

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