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How can I report Ubuntu issues to DisplayLink?

If you believe you have found an issue that is not covered by a knowledge base article, you can help DisplayLink find the problem by providing the right information.

DisplayLink provide a support tool that can check for common issues and gathers up system information, useful to DisplayLink in diagnosing problems. Before submitting a bug to DisplayLink, please follow the steps below to provide the right information.

The support tool produces a zip file containing information stored in plain text. The file and log text are not encrypted (apart from the DisplayLink software log files) to allow you to see what data has been collected.

  • Download the Linux support tool.
  • contains 2 executables, dependent on the OS version.
  • Run the tool on your PC after the problem has occurred, using the following command: sudo ./DLSupportTool
  • The zip file of information will be saved in a zip file in the current directory.
  • Close the tool and post your issues with the logs on the DisplayLink forum
DLSupportTool usage:
-h, --helpshows help
--debugenables advanced logging and exits
--nodebugdisables advanced logging and exits
The Linux DisplayLink Support Tool gathers the following system information
  • DisplayLink Software installed
  • DisplayLink devices connected to the PC
  • Details about the PC spec
  • DisplayLink Software log files and crash dumps
  • System processes output and crash dumps related to USB and video (e.g. xrandr, dmesg)

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