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How to configure DisplayLink displays on Mac OS X

When attaching a display that the software has not seen before, the display will default to being extended to the right of the main display.

To configure the settings for each of your USB attached displays, select ‘Displays’ from the ‘System Preferences’ menu. This will open a ‘Display Preferences’ window on each of your attached displays allowing you to configure each display as required. 

It is possible to use the ‘Gather Windows’ button to bring all the ‘Display Preferences’ windows onto the main display.

Setting the Display Resolutions

To change the display’s resolution, select an available resolution from the Display Preferences window of the display you wish to change:

The resolutions available depend on both the DisplayLink enabled product and the capabilities of the connected display.

If you wish to rotate your display, you can configure the orientation using the ‘Rotate’ drop down. Select the appropriate angle of rotation to match your display’s set up.

Setting the Position of Displays

If your computer is connected to more than two displays, you can specify that some are mirrored displays and others show the extended desktop. A mirrored display shows the same content as the main display whereas an extended display will be an extension to your existing desktop. You can arrange your displays so that they match the physical layout of your displays by selecting the ‘Arrangement’ pane within Display Preferences. This ensures that you can easily navigate between all connected displays.

To move the position of a display, click and hold the display you wish to move then drag it to the desired position. The display will be highlighted with a red border whilst you are moving the display to its new position.

Setting the Display to Mirror mode

When in Mirror mode, additional displays will display what is being shown on the primary display. Checking the “Mirror Display” on the ‘Arrangement’ pane enables this feature.

Setting the Display to Extend mode

To extend connected displays, make sure that the “Mirror Display” on the ‘Arrangement’ pane is unchecked.

Using both extended and mirrored displays

To work with both extended and mirrored displays, turn off mirroring then in the Arrangement pane press and hold 'cmd' and 'alt' and drag and drop the display you wish to mirror over the primary display. Repeat this with each display you wish to mirror, those untouched will remain extending.

Changing the main display

You can change which is the main display by moving the Menu Bar between displays. Changing the main display affects where new windows appear and the position of the Dock. The ‘Menu Bar’ can be moved so that it is shown on an alternative display. Clicking the white menu bar and dragging it to the desired display will perform this action.

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