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Known issues with DisplayLink ubuntu support

The following are known issues with DisplayLink Ubuntu support:


  • Screen freezes can occur on versions of Ubuntu pre 18.04. There is a workaround for this issue.
  • DisplayLink supports up to four monitors. It may be possible to connect and use more but this is not tested or supported by DisplayLink.
  • Going into/out of mirror mode may not work and the X server may crash.
  • Audio is supported by the system drivers.
  • Closed source AMD/NVIDIA drivers are incompatible with DisplayLink driver. Please use open-source AMD/NVIDIA drivers instead.

Known Issues

  • Wayland is supported since version 3.32 and Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Changing the display layout from extend to mirror and back to extend keeps the resolution seen in mirror mode (highest possible common resolution from the mirror mode). To recover, set the resolution back to the default for extended screens. This is an OS limitations as the same problem can be reproduced without DisplayLink present.
  • After connecting DisplayLink screens, the monitors might be black. The user should go to: "System settings" -> "Displays" and turn the monitors on.
  • All DisplayLink outputs are reported as DVI outputs (only X11 - not Wayland).
  • The X server may crash after unplugging a DisplayLink device, if the device was the only active screen.
  • For some dock products, the DisplayLink screens may not be available after machine resume from suspend.

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