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How to configure DisplayLink audio

This article describes how to configure the DisplayLink audio to be the default audio output. Follow this article if the audio is still heard through the laptop after connecting it to a DisplayLink device.

Note: USB audio is not provided by DisplayLink for products based on the DL-1xx family. If problems persist with audio on devices based on the DL-1xx, please contact the product manufacturer, as DisplayLink cannot help debug these issues.

DisplayLink can support up to 6 channel audio. This section describes how to configure the audio settings. Although this is focused on the DisplayLink USB audio, it will be similar to configure other USB audio devices.

Configuring USB audio on Windows 7 or later

Setting USB audio as the default output

The audio settings can be opened from the DisplayLink user interface by choosing the Audio setup option or by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray. The sound window is shown below:

To make the DisplayLink USB audio device default:
  1. Click on the USB audio device matching the product brand
    Note: The actual name of this device will differ depending on the product.
  2. Choose Set Default to make this the default audio output. 
It may be necessary to restart applications using audio to force them to use the new default audio output.

Configuring the audio output

To configure the audio output to match your speaker setup:
  1. Open the Audio setup from the DisplayLink user interface or by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.
  2. Select the USB audio device.
  3. Click on Configure. The audio configuration window is shown
  4. Choose your audio configuration to match your speaker setup. Click Next
  5. Customize your configuration as required and Click Next
  6. Click Finish

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