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DisplayLink software Compatibility with 3rd party USB graphics solutions

3rd party USB graphics solutions are not compatible with DisplayLink software. It is not possible to use USB graphics from different vendors with DisplayLink software and devices.

In Windows 10 1607 Redstone and earlier, problems can occur if 3rd party USB graphics drivers are installed, before installing DisplayLink software.

From v7.5 software, DisplayLink will check for 3rd party USB graphics software installed, and installation will be blocked until the software is uninstalled.

Known devices that use 3rd party USB graphics solutions are:
  • Samsung Central Station (SMSC).
  • HP 2005pr docking station (SMSC)
  • Trigger USB graphics adapter (MCT)
  • j5create products (MCT)
  • Startech USB Video adapters (MCT) (not the Pro range, which do use DisplayLink)
  • Fresco Logic USB Graphics Adapters
These products use solutions from SMSC, Magic Control Technology (MCT) or Fresco Logic. Click the links below for further information on how to uninstall these drivers.

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