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macOS Ventura: Installation failed

I am installing DisplayLink Manager on macOS Ventura 13.x and I am getting the following error: The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.
During first installation, if the following security prompt is not approved, the installation will fail as the installer does not have access to the Downloads folder.
Re-running the installation does not display this prompt again.

To grant the missing access navigate to System Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Files and Folders

Then click an arrow to the left of Installer which brings up the option to allow access to the downloads folder. This needs to be toggled on.

If you do not see the Installer under Files and Folders then navigate to Privacy & Security -> Full Disk Access and toggle the Installer here and provide your admin password:

After the installation you can turn it off.

If the issue persists please open Terminal and run the following command:
tccutil reset SystemPolicyDownloadsFolder
This should reset the permissions and allow the pop up to appear again.

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