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DisplayLink Manager App - f.lux support option

DisplayLink Manager 1.7 introduces a new option to enable f.lux color temperature on displays driven through DisplayLink technology.
The new option, available through the app user interface, allows to adjust the color temperature of your DisplayLink displays according to your f.lux preferred settings.

Here are the steps to adjust the colour temperature of your DisplayLink displays:

1. Click on the DisplayLink Manager icon located in the menu bar:

2. Enable the f.lux app support option.
3. Install and open f.lux app.
Please follow the instruction on the f.lux website ( for installing and setting up the f.lux app.

4. Apply your preferred color-temperature settings and related time schedule in the f.lux app.
The selected color temperature will be automatically reflected across all DisplayLink displays.

To go back to the original color temperature, just select it on f.lux, wait for the original color temperature to be automatically applied and then  disable the f.lux support option in the DisplayLink app. 

Known limitations

This feature is in beta stage in DisplayLink Manager 1.7.0 and it comes with some limitations:
  • The color temperature support is compatible with f.lux app, but it doesn't support the macOS built-in mechanism called Night Shift (the one available in System Preferences->Display settings).
  • The f.lux dark room option (cinema mode) might not work properly (some pixel corruption might be visible).
  • Displays connected via the HDMI port on DL-6xxx-based docks might not be supported (DisplayPort outputs on DL-6xxx-based docks are fully supported)
  • DL-1x5 and DL-4xxx-based products are not supported.

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