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How to deploy DisplayLink macOS software with JAMF Pro

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Computer Management -> Packages.

  2. Press ”New”.

  3. Fill in display name, select category and the DisplayLink pkg file. Then, press ”Save”.

  4. Navigate to Content Management -> Policies and create a new policy.

  5. Scroll down a bit and tick the ”Recurring Check-in" box.

  6. Navigate to ”Packages” within the new policy options and press ”Configure” on the pop up.

  7. Find DisplayLink Manager on the list and press ”Add”.

  8. Next, navigate to ”Scope” and select computer groups to be affected by the policy. Set ”Target Users” to ”All Users” within selected group. Then, save the policy.

  9. Navigate to Content Management -> Configuration Profiles and create a new profile.

  10. Fill out the appropriate info and make sure to set ”Level” to ”User Level”.

  11. Navigate down to ”Login Items” and press ”Configure” on the pop up.

  12. Then, please add an item with ”/Applications/DisplayLink” in the item field.

  13. Finally, navigate to ”Scope” and make sure to set the same affected computer group as selected in ”Policies” before.

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