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USB monitor is mirroring my laptop screen or is upside down

Mirror Screen Issues

Important: Please ensure that your docking station or video adapter are DisplayLink powered and have DisplayLink chip built into it. You should be able to see a sticker with DisplayLink logo on the product. You should also see insructions in the user manual or on the manufacturers website to download and install DisplayLink software.

Windows Users

Right-click on your desktop while your USB monitor is connected and choose Display Settings

  1. If you have a duplicate screen and want to change it to extend mode, click on the Duplicate these displays drop down box. 
  2. When the dropdown box is opened, choose Extend these displays.

  3. Then click Apply

Now you are now in Extend Mode. 

Mac Users

Plug your monitor, go to System Preferences -> Display -> Arrangement, uncheck the Mirror Displays box. 

Upside Down Screen Issues

Windows Users

When you are already in “Extend mode”:

  1. Click on the 2nd screen icon.
  2. Open the Orientation drop down box and change it from Landscape to Landscape (flipped)

  3. Click Apply.
  4. Move your 2nd display icon from right to left of the 1st display by simply “Drag and Drop” it.
  5. Click Apply to finish the setting of the lay out. 

Mac Users

If you are using macOS Catalina 10.15.x and DisplayLink macOS App, you can only use the monitor on the right side.

If you are using any other version of macOS, please plug your monitor and go to System Preferences -> Display -> Arrangement -> Display -> Rotation. Here select 180'

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