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Lack of "Ubuntu on Wayland" in session list on machines with NVidia GPU

If "Ubuntu on Wayland” is not visible in session list on login screen on a machine with NVidia GPU, follow the steps below to solve it.

"Ubuntu on Wayland" should be installed by default, unless NVidia proprietary driver is in use (and it might be by default).

One option is to blacklist the driver, however as it is loaded at the early boot stage via initial ramdisk, this might not be enough.

We recommend uninstalling the driver, which can be done by calling

sudo apt purge 'nvidia-*'    from the terminal window.

Other methods might involve manual recreation of initramfs or changing parameters passed to the NVidia kernel module, e.g.

Please note, these methods are not officially supported and unistaling NVidia driver is recommended.

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