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      130 comments  ·  DisplayLink Feature Suggestions  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
      mmm commented  · 

      Latest f.lux 4.47 with latest DisplayLink drivers (8.3 M1) on Window 7 with Dell D3100 still does not work for me with indirect displays.
      My prior issue (with apps on indirect displays not refreshing during WebEx) was resolved with DL support - at least for Office applications, disabling hardware acceleration in Office did the trick for that.

      mmm commented  · 

      Just installed 8.3 M0 on Win7. Still have issue of 2 displays driven by Dell D3100 not refreshing when sharing laptop screen via WebEx. Typing in a window on a external display does not paint when keystrokes occur, but only when using mouse to move the window.

      mmm commented  · 

      I'm running 8.3a1 on Windows 7 on my work laptop (driving a 1920x1080 display directly) plus a Dell D3100 driving two monitors (1920x1200 and 1600x1200). I find that WebEx is not usable on the D3100 driven monitors (the screen just won't paint reliably) - that appears to be related to WebEx painting a large portion of the screen regularly. A behavior that seems similar to me, is that the final of many keyboard activities paint then rollback the painting. For example, I might type ABC, and I'll see all three characters for a moment, then the final one (C in this example) will disappear. Then if I add a space, e.g., I'll see the full "ABC ". This happens quick regularly. It may only happen in my RDP session, but I do flip around a lot and am not 100% sure it's limited to that.

      mmm commented  · 

      Thank you

      mmm commented  · 

      I'm running Windows 7 on my work laptop, with a Dell D3100. I understand that to be a compatible device, but I'm not following whether I might be able to try this enhancement by adding a registry key. If so, where can I find the details on that key. I've looked thru these comments and the KB, but I'm not finding them. Thanks

      mmm supported this idea  · 

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